The Structure of Cihan-Sulaimani University
Cihan University/ Sulaimaniya Campus was founded after obtaining the approval of Kurdistan Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, ministerial decree number 302N on 12/05/2011. The first academic year in the university was 2011/2012 where 400 students got admission in the following departments:
  1. Department of Accounting by Information Technology. 
  2. Department of Law. 
  3. Department of Computer Science. 
  4. Department of English. 
The presidency of the university was careful to attract specialized and experienced teaching staff of high certificates from some foreign and local universities.
The presidency of the University put in mind raising the scientific level and confirming the requirements of the academic and administrative quality by its keenness on the implementation of the requisites of those requirements pursued directly by the quality assurance in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Kurdistan Region.
The administration of the university also paid a great attention to complete building the university campus, which includes all the requirements of sound university environment, by constructing adequate classes, specialized labs, a proper library, a student club, gardens, etc.
The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has recently paid special attention to the National Ranking of private universities in Kurdistan region. In this concern, Cihan University formed a specialized committee representing all the 
departments as soon as a copy of the standards adopted by the ministry was received. Cihan University feels proud for getting the first rank in Kurdistan Region 2014-2015 according to the National Ranking declared by the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research. Such a rank does not only honor the university but also puts a great responsibility on the ministry administration to remain in this position in the coming years. 
Currently, Cihan University/Sulaimaniya is getting bigger, and we are offering now an undergraduate degree in the following fields: 

1- Faculty of Administration and Financial Science
s which comprises 4-department as follows:
A- Accounting.
B- Accounting by Information Technology.
C- Banking and Financial Sciences.
D- Business Administration. 

2- Faculty of Science:

A- Computer Science. 

3- Faculty of Engineering:

A- Architecture Engineering. 

4- Faculty of Law and International Relations.

A- Law Department. 

5- Faculty of Art and Letters.
A- English Department.

Cihan-Sulaimani University