About The University

About the Cihan-Sulaimani University

Cihan university campus / Sulaimaniya campus is a private English-speaking institution (only Law studies are in Arabic Language); It was approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research decree in Kurdistan Region (Reference Number: N302, 12-May-2011 , KRG). The university campus consists of newly-built, modern, fully-equipped and spacious complex of buildings which hosts its academic faculties, departments, administrative offices and student service facilities.

Vision of Cihan-Sulaimani University :
Cihan University Campus/ Sulaimaniya looks to occupy a leadership position locally and regionally in the areas of education, research and community service.

Mission Cihan-Sulaimani University:
Cihan University Campus seeks to provide an excellent educational service contributes in giving the knowledge and skills that meet the labor market requirements. Also, the Campus contributes in the development of society through the provision of research, advisory services, and training, and it is all done through the provision of academic and administrative staff, efficient learning environment, and distinct and sophisticated programs taking into account the overall quality requirements.

Objectives Cihan-Sulaimani University
  1. Give the students the knowledge and skills in various academic specializations. 
  2. Support the requirements of scientific and applied research. 
  3. Provide a suitable environment for the educational process, research, student's activities, and for other services. 
  4. Expand the relationship between the university and the community through the provision of community services. 
  5. Achieve the requirement of the total quality. 
  6. Ongoing development of the faculty staff and the administrative body. Open modern academic programs that enhance the competitiveness ability of the university